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The novels are melodramatic yet socially conscious and intelligent historical romances showcasing a number of themes prevalent in Edwardian times. The Cornish Saga novels are about the themes of class conflict, chauvinism and autocratic rule in the family, suffragist movements, local prejudices and family secrets. The combination results in narratives that are a simple and sweet exposition of early twentieth century England, and how it reacted to the vagaries of increased globalization and spread of ideas.

The series of novels are about a former slave turned mosaicist who uses his excellent knowledge and fascination with patterns and puzzles to resolve a range of murder mysteries. Libertus works for Marcus Septimus who was formerly his owner and now turned benefactor. In the first novel of the series Germanicus Mosaic, Libertus follows the trail of a murderer that had killed a retired centurion. In narratives that have received much praise for their historical accuracy, the novels portray the life of Roman Britain in lively detail.

In The Chariots of Calyx, the author has the lead investigator investigate the death of prominent dealer of Londinium who had been found murdered by strangulation. His investigations often see him involved in a range of different situations and dealing with dangerous people who think nothing of killing. What sets the novels apart is that Rosemary Atkins inserts fascinating historical context into his clues to make for some of the most adventurous and exciting of historical mysteries.

The Girl from Penvarris the first novel in the series introduces the Cornish Saga. The lead character of the series is Katie Warren, who lives in a small tin mining town that gets work at the house of one of the local nobility.

The Vestal Vanishes

Katie had always wanted to make a career as a teacher, but when her mother dies; she is forced to make ends meet as a laborer at the big house. She goes to work alongside her sister Fanny and soon finds herself growing to love George Trevarnon, the kind but shy son of her employer. However, Robert the unscrupulous brother of her love interest gets Katie and her sister dismissed forcing them to go make a living in a strange town. They are not the only ones to suffer as George, who Katie leaves behind moves across the oceans to go face the devastations and danger of the Boer War in South Africa.

The Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain Series in Order - Rosemary Rowe - FictionDB

But fate connives to bring the two lovebirds together thought there is a twist in both their lives that complicates everything. With both of them married to other people, will they ever enjoy the love beauty and peace of the Edwardian countryside together?

Carrie is a hardworking and merry girl who makes herself at home within days of arriving at her new place of work. The Burgundian's Tale. The Lammas Feast.

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A Famine of Horses. P F Chisholm. Rose of the World, The. The Cheapside Corpse. A Poisonous Plot.

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