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Dark Truth #2: A lot of Social Media is Automated

Unfortunately, despite its subversive pretensions, this film sensationalizes and over-simplifies the contemporary conflicts over water rights and environmental justice in Latin America that it purports to represent, and disrespects the popular movements that are the main protagonists of those struggles. The plot is thick with family and political intrigue spoiler alert. A corporate daughter who is a major shareholder blows the whistle on her CEO brother, sending an ex-CIA operative-turned-political-talk-show-host Jack Begosian south of the border to investigate.

Begosian rescues peasant leader Francisco Francis from the jungle, carrying documentary evidence of the corporate misdeeds—an act that redeems Jack's own transgressions from his CIA days, when he framed Francis as an ecoterrorist and sent him to prison for more than a decade.

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The corporate sister steers ClearBec in a new accountable direction, after her evil brother is indicted for murder conspiracy and becomes one of the two suicides. All seems right with the world. Except for a few major problems. Even Francisco Francis, the fictional dark-skinned peasant leader, is portrayed as a San Francisco native with a PhD in environmental studies who came to South America as a Greenpeace activist and then went on to found the real-life international peasant organization Via Campesina.

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The answer depends on whom you ask. During the s, scientists became interested in the French paradox — the now discredited observation that heart disease rates were low in France despite a national diet high in saturated fats. One proposed explanation was relatively high consumption of flavanols, a group of compounds found in red wine, tea and cocoa which, at high doses, had been linked to the prevention of cellular damage.

US researchers caused a stir when from around the turn of the century they concluded that Kuna people off the coast of Panama had low blood pressure and rates of cardiovascular disease because they drank more than five cups of flavanol-rich cocoa per day.

Truth in the Darkness | asgames

This undoubtedly stimulated chocolate industry research. This triggered a wave of media reports and negative publicity. Some say the industry poured money into science at this time to divert attention away from west Africa.

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Industry figures strenuously disagree. The level of investment and energy and intensity of research was much more driven by that than it was by the idea of creating a halo around chocolate. Critics have accused Mars in particular of using nutritional science to cast its products in a good light. Through its scientific arm, Mars Symbioscience , it has published more than peer-reviewed scientific papers on cocoa flavanols and health since The family-owned company has traditionally remained tight-lipped about its involvement in cocoa research.

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However, last month it published its policies on conducting and funding research. If you look back 20 years, there was this idea that this could create huge opportunities for us.

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But he says this changed long ago. Meanwhile, research was making it increasingly clear that health benefits claims for commercial dark chocolate products were unrealistic because of their low flavanol content.

The Dark Truth in the Movie ‘Truth’

Yet campaigners highlight how chocolate companies, including Mars, have fought public health regulations that might undermine their profits using third parties. Chocolate manufacturers have also used the classic corporate strategy of using third-party lobbyists to manufacture artificial scientific controversy. Science is, by its nature, about evidence-based probabilities not absolute certainties.

The exaggeration of uncertainty was perfected by the tobacco companies in the s, and later copied by the asbestos and oil industries.

The Dark Truth of Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Good Audio)

Criticisms of these tactics seem to be hitting home. I would say no. Some see it as a genuine attempt to do the right thing, while others highlight how large food companies are seeking to reposition themselves in the face of growing environmental and health concerns.

Whatever the motivation, the gulf between the chocolate industry and its critics seems to be narrowing. Children hoping to celebrate Easter in the traditional chocolatey style on 1 April will be reassured to hear the two sides also agree on another aspect of the debate. Both low-carb groups lost an average of 5lb, but the chocolate group lost weight faster. John Bohannon, a Harvard University biologist and science journalist in on the hoax, put together a press release.

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