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Near the end of her stay, her cover was almost blown. He himself posed as a man in search of a lost loved one. Bly begged her friend not give her away. Almost overnight, she became a star journalist. In her book, she says that when they made their tour, many of the abuses she reported had been corrected: the food services and sanitary conditions were improved, the foreign patients had been transferred, and the tyrannical nurses had disappeared.

Her mission was accomplished. In later years, she retired from journalism and founded her own company, designing and marketing steel barrels used for milk cans and boilers. She died in Like his other timelines of terms for sex and naughty bits , a great deal of human creativity is on display. The list goes all the way back to , to a term that we still know today dead as a doornail.

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BY Bill DeMain. Subscribe to our Newsletter! BY Arika Okrent. Turn over the perch 2. Yield the crow a pudding 3. Put to bed with a shovel 4. Go out with a wooden habeas 7.

Hop the twig 8. Booked by the Gravesend bus Measure over the counter Cut the painter Take a blinder Make a die of it Go up Green River Climb the golden staircase I commenced to shake with more than the cold, and I looked around at the strange crowd about me, composed of poorly dressed men and women with stories printed on their faces of hard lives, abuse and poverty. Some were consulting eagerly with friends, while others sat still with a look of utter hopelessness.

Everywhere was a sprinkling of well-dressed, well-fed officers watching the scene passively and almost indifferently. It was only an old story with them.

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One more unfortunate added to a long list which had long since ceased to be of any interest or concern to them. Stanard, who stood, pale and trembling, by my side.

Inside Nellie Bly’s 10 Days in a Madhouse - Biography

She was all alone. I had just got into the house when the bell rang and she came in. When I talked with her she wanted to know if she could stay all night, and I said she could. After awhile she said all the people in the house looked crazy, and she was afraid of them. Then she would not go to bed, but sat up all the night. Her English is perfect, and I would stake everything on her being a good girl. At this announcement everybody laughed, and I put my handkerchief over my face and endeavored to choke the laughter that threatened to spoil my plans, in despite of my resolutions.

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Poor girl, I will be good to her, for she looks like my sister, who is dead. There was a hush for a moment after this announcement, and the officers glanced at me more kindly, while I silently blessed the kind-hearted judge, and hoped that any poor creatures who might be afflicted as I pretended to be should have as kindly a man to deal with as Judge Duffy. I got very much frightened at this, for if there is any one who can ferret out a mystery it is a reporter.

I felt that I would rather face a mass of expert doctors, policemen, and detectives than two bright specimens of my craft, so I said:. These men are impudent, and I do not want to be stared at. I will go away. So saying, I pulled down my veil and secretly hoped the reporters would be detained elsewhere until I was sent to the asylum.

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Stanard, in evident alarm. She is a lady and it would kill her to be put on the Island. For once I felt like shaking the good woman. To think the Island was just the place I wanted to reach and here she was trying to keep me from going there! It was very kind of her, but rather provoking under the circumstances. Make out the papers and we will send her to Bellevue for examination. Probably in a few days the effect of the drug will pass off and she will be able to tell us a story that will be startling.

If the reporters would only come! I dreaded them, so I said something about not wishing to stay there any longer to be gazed at. Judge Duffy then told Policeman Bockert to take me to the back office.

After we were seated there Judge Duffy came in and asked me if my home was in Cuba. Just then an officer came in with a reporter. Once again I had a fit of fear. Had I gone too far in not wanting to see a reporter, and was my sanity detected? If I had given the impression that I was sane, I was determined to undo it, so I jumped up and ran back and forward through the office, Mrs. Stanard clinging terrified to my arm. Why do they bother me with so many people? I am interested in the child, and I would do as much for her as if she were my own.

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Then, turning to Mrs. Stanard, he asked her if she could not keep me for a few days until my case was inquired into.

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Fortunately, she said she could not, because all the women at the Home were afraid of me, and would leave if I were kept there. I was very much afraid she would keep me if the pay was assured her, and so I said something about the bad cooking and that I did not intend to go back to the Home. Then came the examination; the doctor looked clever and I had not one hope of deceiving him, but I determined to keep up the farce.

But I put out my tongue, which he looked at in a sagacious manner. Then he felt my pulse and listened to the beating of my heart.