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  1. Bible Teacher’s Role as a Disciplemaker
  2. What Defines a Christian Disciple?
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Available for download and in booklet form. The Prayer Hand is an easy way to remember five essential aspects of prayer: confession, petition, intercession, thanksgiving and praise. On campus, on base, across the USA and overseas The Navigators ministries reach out with the gospel and train disciples. Donate Now Give Monthly. Prayer Resources The Prayer Hand The Prayer Hand is an easy way to remember five essential aspects of prayer: confession, petition, intercession, thanksgiving and praise.

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Bible Teacher’s Role as a Disciplemaker

What do we say? Do I really know enough myself? And so, because of our overwhelming feeling of inadequacy, we tell our kids to listen to their leaders at church and do what they say. Discipling our kids is far too important to hand off to others—as godly and loving as they may be. And that takes us back to our primary concern—we know we need to disciple our kids and we want to do it, but how do we actually do it? Here are eight tips to help you disciple your kids:. We need to be realistic of what our family discipleship will look like. Perhaps that means talking about a Bible story for 15 minutes one night a week at dinner and trying to find one or two times each week to move conversations toward the gospel.

Wherever you are, start there and develop rhythms and habits that work and then build on them to get to where you want to be. There is nothing at all wrong with having a more organized time of family worship—it is actually a great idea to do that.

That means that you want to strive to talk with your kids about Christ naturally as much as possible. Look for themes in shows, movies, and music and talk about how they relate to the gospel. Talk about the character of God, especially as you experience them in your own life. We have natural opportunities to talk about the gospel every day—we just have to look for them.

What Defines a Christian Disciple?

Our goal should be to always point our kids to Jesus. God is less concerned with their behavior and more concerned with their hearts.

Francis Chan - The Cost Of Discipleship

And the way our kids will develop hearts that love Him and want to obey Him is through the gospel transforming them. This is why we always need to point our kids to the gospel and allow that to inform how they live. Their behavior matters—but why they behave the way they do matters far more. Focus on heart change through Christ.


As parents we often think ourselves as generals—we have the authority to tell our kids what to do and point the direction they are to go. There is certainly a place for this at times, but when it comes to discipling our kids, we are better off seeing ourselves as guides instead. Think of a trail guide who travels with you and beside you. That is what we need to do with our kids in the journey of discipleship. The best teaching comes from the overflow of what we are learning. Spend more time feeding your growth and growing in your understanding of, and joy in, the gospel.

Read helpful books that will build your faith.

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Worship in meaningful ways with others and by yourself. As you grow your confidence will increase and you will also have more to share with your kids. It has been said that people will remember more of what we do than what we say.

Extraordinary Love for People

We often focus our discipleship on what we tell our kids—and that certainly matters—but we cannot forget that our kids are learning far more from what they see us do, for better or for worse. How is the gospel framing how you live each day in the home, in the community, at work, and beyond? Is the fruit of the spirit evident in increasing measure? Are you obeying God with gospel gratitude and joy?

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  8. Model gospel transformation to your kids. While God designed parents to be the primary disciplers, He did not intend for us to be the only disciplers. He has given us the church—our local community of faith—to come alongside us, encourage us, and echo what we are teaching in our homes.

    Bible Teacher's Role as a Disciplemaker - Great Commission

    Prioritize involvement in church, not because you have to or should, but because you want to. This is one reason I love The Gospel Project so much—the heart of this resource is not only to help individuals see the gospel story throughout Scripture but also to position parents to have meaningful conversations in the home based on what they are talking about at church. Just as you want to have meaningful gospel conversations throughout the day with your kids, you want to pray with them and for them as well. Think about the opportunities you have each day, such as in the car on the way to school and as part of your bedtime routine, and use some of that time to pray together.

    Brian earned a D. Wow,what an amazing practical way of helping Children under my care!! Am so glad I read this. Thanks Brian!! Hi, Brian! Thank you for these practical tips. I always need to be reminded to stop being a general!