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  1. The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your Own Website
  2. How to Make / Create a Website: Beginner's A-Z Guide ( Edition) (
  3. Website Building for Beginners
  4. How to Build a Website From Scratch

They can never be yours. Also, website builders tend to be limited in functionality. Do you really need to take on that kind of risk? WordPress, meanwhile, is open-source. Everything you have about on your WordPress website is yours to keep. WordPress is the easiest, safest, and the fastest way to your website. Here are a few stats about WordPress:.

WordPress is easy to setup, install, run, and manage. It would take weeks to build websites like these from scratch without all these convenient extras mentioned above. Apart from that, you have forums and communities around WordPress, that can jump in and help provide support when you need it the most. A domain is the name with which your website will be identified with — it could be your own name, your business name, the name of your blog, etc. Pro tip! You can also get started with an absolutely free presence on platforms such as Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, and more.

You could use any of those free services. With your own website on a web hosting service you own, you get to use the Self-hosted version of WordPress. As a result you have complete control on your WordPress website including all aspects of marketing, managing, and controlling everything about your website. We recommend using Bluehost. There are plenty of options when it comes to web hosting providers. If you are just starting out, the easiest, fastest, and the most cost-effective way to get started is to use a shared hosting provider. Shared hosting means, that multiple websites use shared resources on a single server, which is more than enough for most of the websites in the world.

Bluehost provides a free domain with any web hosting plan you pick. The basic package is more than enough for you to get started. Domain privacy is also a good thing, if you intend to keep the domain owners identity a secret. New domain Enter the domain name of your choice along with the extension such as. Bluehost will also send you helpful emails with all the details you need such as domain, hosting plan details you picked, ftp addresses, important support links, etc. The first step is to install WordPress on your domain you need a domain to install WordPress on.

For installation to progress, you have to select the domain on which you want your website installed as shown below. In the next step, give your website a name title , your primary email address, admin username, and an admin password.

Write down your password and username or let your browser save them for you. WordPress design depends on themes.

How To Make a WordPress Website - 2019 - For Beginners

Think of themes like completely built design kits that you can customize for your brand. You may think that making a website is a difficult task and only web designers or developers can do it. It is certain that you might not be able to implement certain functionalities to a website if you are a beginner, but it is possible to build a properly functioning and professional looking website in less than an hour. These terms might sound strange to you, but I will give you more info about them bellow in this article.

Getting a domain name is the first step in the process of creating your website. The domain you register will be the address of your web-page. Each and every domain is unique and can be registered once. So for example, you will not be able to register google. Finding a good name that will represent your company can be difficult, however here are some tips to help you out in the process of finding an appropriate domain name:.

Continue reading to find out what web hosting is. The second step in is to buy a web hosting plan, where you will upload your website. Web hosting is basically big room or building called data-center where multiple high performance computers are connected to the internet. These computers are owned and operated by a web hosting provider.

The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your Own Website

When buying web hosting, you actually rent a very small part of a computer. With so many hosting providers and plans it is difficulty to make the right choice. I will give you few tips on how to pick the right hosting plan for your website:. The video was presented by InMotion hosting , who offer shared, vps and dedicated plans.

You might think that hosting service is expensive, but is not. Once your domain and web hosting account are in place, you can start on developing your website. There are many tools you can use to create stunning, professional looking, fully functional websites in no time. I will give you few examples of tools and the use of them:.

Certainly there are many other tools you can use to build a website, however these two are the most popular and easy to use.

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Now that you know how to create a website in theory, get practical and start building your website. I highly recommend using the following web hosting providers to start your website. Websites built with the Gator website builder are hosted on their cloud hosting platform, which provides a better performance. When WordPress has been installed, you'll have a basic, but very stylish design with the default theme, which is called Twenty Seventeen. This is what it looks like:.

How to Make / Create a Website: Beginner's A-Z Guide ( Edition) (

There are thousands of themes you can use for WordPress to make your site look amazing and you can customize each of them to make it even more unique! From the Themes page, click Add New Theme and you can search for themes based on features like the color, layout, and popularity and with such a large selection there are some great themes to choose from. In our follow-up series , we'll cover themes in more detail and show you which one we use for Site Beginner too. Once you find a theme that you like, choose Preview to see how your site might look using that theme, or click Install to add it to your site, and then Activate to make it your theme.

After you have a great theme installed and activated.

Website Building for Beginners

You're ready to start adding content to your site. Below we will cover some of the basics for adding content, pages and menus to your site.

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Click any of the buttons below to view the step-by-step setup for each of the options. Adding a page to your site is really easy with WordPress. Pages are most often used for static content like an About or a Contact page. If you can use a simple word processor like Microsoft Word, you'll have no trouble creating content in WordPress. Here's how you do it:. Need a visual guide? Take a look at the animation below to see exactly how a Page is created in WordPress. If you want a blog for your website, you can add Posts to your site. These are sorted in date order showing the most recent first.

The process is very similar to adding a Page, but Posts also let you choose a Category and add Tags so that you can group related posts together.

How to Build a Website From Scratch

Here's how to add a Post:. Watch a Post being created! Take a look at the animation below to see exactly how a Post is created in WordPress.